Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lazy day.

Spring Break Lunch #3... was from a box. I wasn't feeling very up to cooking anything because I've had a cold and it got worse yesterday after the rolls. So while I sat watching Idle Hands (so cheesy) I let the oven preheat for my amazing meal of..
A Freschetta Frozen pizza! Oh, yes. I did add a bit of cheese to it.

It was good. It didn't cause a mouthgasm. But it's something I would consider having again. I think it needs more vegetables, though. (I actually sautéed up some asparagus and put it on my slice.)

And then, for dinner, it was off to Jacqueline's to watch Meet the Robinsons. Cute movie. Our meal included freshly popped microwave popcorn.

And an array of Skittles, M&M's, and Strawberry Twizzlers. Not Pull-And-Peel, though. I was slightly disappointed.
We also had some of my orange rolls and cupcakes. Because I had to get rid of them somehow.

And there you have it. Having colds are fun. Not really. But eating only junk food for a day, hanging out with friends, and blaming all the bad food on the cold is. Cooking will happen tomorrow. But not much. I'll post pictures anyway. Nothing fancy.

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