Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Finally. Internet Again.

Okay. So I'm incredibly sorry that I was late on the Daring Bakers reveal for June. I had been without internet and was not able to get on at the precise date. I'm going to post it now, even though I might be penalized. I'm sorry.

So. When I found out that we were doing danishes, I was rather.. terrified. I had always avoided laminated doughs because I had these great fears that it would all wind up a giant melted puddle of butter and soggy dough. (I have an active imagination.) Nevertheless, I decided to push through and do it.

It was easy. Like.. really. It really wasn't as bad as I thought. The hardest part was not getting too many tears in my dough. But I really think it was okay.

So after I made my dough, all I had to do was figure out what fillings to dough. I didn't want to do the apple one, and all I could think of were cheese danishes. So I made one. It was amazing. Only my dad, Gram, and I ate it. But it was amazing. I also made a pizza danish for lunch for my sisters, my Gram, and I one day. My dad ate some of the cold leftovers and was so amazed by it. My mom had some even later and is now trying to get me to make it again.

In the end, danish wasn't so bad. I went through a lot of butter and cream cheese making it, but oh well.

And again. Terribly sorry for not being able to post on the true date.

This is my favourite one of all. My cheese danish. The filling has lots of lemon zest it in so it has a very bright, clean flavour with the cream cheese.
This is my pizza danish. It was pretty nifty.

And these are my medley of danishes. It's apple, peach, and mixed berry. A few have some sweetened cream cheese as well. My friend Chris came over on my birthday and we made them. :)

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