Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So I'm going to do it. I'm really going to do it. I'm going to make a buttercream. And not just any buttercream. A chocolate buttercream. We'll see if I'm alive after this or if it kicks my ass like the German chocolate cake frosting did. (Even though I saved it.) Which reminds me that I should probably put that up here. So yeah. Buttercream. I'm going to start in about... ten minutes. Or whenever my mother gets here with the chocolate. Which leads me onto my tangent! :)

So. I was supposed to get chocolate today from some teacher on campus because Georgi, the whore that he is, didn't buy the chocolate for me. We only have industrial size mixers at school and, while I adore them, they are simply too big to whip three measly egg whites with. So I planned to make it at home (and it just happens to use cocoa powder, which is Cupcake Hero's theme ingredient this month).

Well, Georgi told me to go get it while I was videotaping Landon and wasn't really paying attention. I walked with Landon to his class and then left to go back to Culinary Arts because I completely forgot about the chocolate. On my way, however, I saw Adam. Which brings me to my -next- tangent.

Adam is this boy at school who I've seen all year, but never actually talked to. Then he cut his hair and shaved off his beard and I didn't recognize him for a bit. He wasn't bad-looking before. But... he is -cute- without the beard. I was very much pleased. Still. I am too painfully shy to just walk up to him and start talking to him. Then my best friend agreed to go with me to prom, then asked someone else. That left me dateless to my senior prom. I thought about asking Adam. Two problems. I didn't know his name at the time, and I had never spoken to him before.

So prom came on Saturday and I went to it. While I was sitting there with a few of my friends, I saw Adam walk in. He talked to someone and came and sat at my table. Oh, my God, he looks good in a suit. I have some pictures of him.. but I think it would be too creepy if he goes strolling through the internet and finds pictures of himself on my blog. So I won't post them. But he did look good.

After a while (read as: at the end of prom) they played a couple slow songs. The first one came on and I got up my nerve, looked up, and asked Adam if he wanted to dance.


Ouch. So I just turned around and didn't say anything. Another slow song came on right after. So I asked him why he didn't want to dance. Because I'm naturally curious like that. You tell me to do something or give me some sort of negative reasoning, I need to have an explanation.

"I don't dance."

Okay. I don't, either. But it's a slow song. You hold my waist and go in a circle.

So after a few more comments from the both of us (he had never danced before) I asked him, "Pleeeeeeease?"


And so we danced. :) I was happy. And he walked out with me when it ended and hung out with me. ("Fortunately my mother isn't here on time.") He made me giddy.

So. When I saw him I decided to go talk to him. Even though he clearly is very socially awkward. And so am I. So it makes me want to talk to him. His English class had to go do the "Fitness Gram" thing. Mile run. Fun. My friend Kelsey is in his class, so the three of us walked down together. They did their running. I took pictures. Then we went back up to their class. And we looked at pictures from prom. Though it took some encouraging to get Adam to come sit near me.

Which explains perfectly why I don't have chocolate. I just couldn't tell you the short version. That, and nobody is reading this anyway. So I can ramble all I want.

Now I just have to await my mother.

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